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Vinyl Pools by Regale

We are is pleased to build the elegant Regale Vinyl Liner swimming pools that are constructed to be top quality. Billy's Pool Service offers our expertise to help construct, customize, maintain, and service your pool. You can even choose to have the pool built with polymer or steel panel siding.

We promise that you will find Regale swimming pools to be convenient and valuable. Your pool will be a great source of recreation and fun that will help alleviate you of the stresses and worries of life. You won’t regret visiting us today to receive a free quote.

Customize the swimming pool of their dreams through the many options that come with the Regale pools. With our help, you will be able to relax, and play in the pool that fits your yard and your lifestyle. All of these options come at a great value too!

You can customize your pool these ways:

  • Choose the shape of your pool. Some shapes include the Double Roman, the True L, The Oval, The Mountain Pond and the Lagoon
  • Install Regale’s fencing around your pool
  • Choose between fun water features such as waterfalls, laminar jets, basketball goals and rock formations
  • Install LED lighting systems
  • Pick from multiple types of pool slides
  • Pick your own style of pool liner and steps

Vinyl Pools for Ashland Virginia
Billy's Pool Service Ashland VA


Now, the Regale Polymer Pools have even more choices of designs that will make your pool a worthy investment. You and your family will be able to sit in the lap of luxury by choosing from these patterns. The Rectangle layout is still available, but you have more flexibility here. Check out the chart for some more ideas.

The Celebrity style of pool is a fantastic option. This layout is a mix between a pool you could do laps in, and a pool that has curves that make it seem unique. The largest this design could get is approximately 20 by 44 feet. Because of its one of a kind layout, any visitor would be impressed by this type of pool.

Regale’s polymer pools will leave your family satisfied. With the polymer siding, you’ll have a durable, versatile, and elegant pool that will entertain your family to no end. If you have any questions, please visit our store or contact us today.

Billy's Pool Service will be here to design, construct, maintain and accessorize your pool. We understand that investing in a pool is a big decision. For that reason, we will be happy to guide you through the buying process. One thing’s for sure, you will not regret working with us.