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Barrier Reef Pools Warranty

You can purchase a quality Barrier Reef Pool with the peace of mind that we strive to deliver the absolute best product available today by using only the best raw materials. The products that go into a Barrier Reef pool have been thoroughly tested and are held to the highest standard for quality, durability and reliability. We also implement and practice the best construction techniques known. The Barrier Reef team is committed these principals and will continue to delivery only the best.

Download and print the Barrier Reef Pools Lifetime Limited Warranty

Barrier Reef Pools warrants its fiberglass pool shell to be structurally sound for the life of the pool. The term “Structurally Sound” shall mean that the pool is capable of containing water. This warranty shall be for the benefit of the original purchaser and one time transferable to a subsequent purchaser. Please see full warranty for all conditions.

Barrier Reef Pools finish coat or gelcoat is warranted against blistering for a total of 15 years.



“…in Wilmington, North Carolina. And he had fiberglass pools which is just what we’re looking for. The reason we wanted to do the fiberglass was because of the color choices…”

Ollie Roman

Viking Pools Warranty

Viking-Pools-Crystite-finishes-diamond-series-finishes-pool-customizationViking’s Crystite® and Diamond Series™ finishes are a complex formulation of layered gel coats, colored flakes, sparkles and colored resins. The specific formulations create an available color palette with actual three-dimensional depth which transfers more light and color back into the pool water than other colored finishes.

In the 20+ years since the introduction of Crystite®, Viking Pools has manufactured, and our dealer base has installed, tens of thousands of Crystite® swimming pools. The performance of the Crystite® finish has been outstanding relative to fading and durability. The Diamond Series™ finishes added in the last 7 years show the same performance.

Because of that exceptional performance and the additional accelerated weather testing that has been performed to ASTM standards, Viking Pools offers a limited lifetime surface warranty on all of its Crystite® and Diamond Series™ fiberglass composite swimming pools, to complement the limited lifetime structural warranty.


Some of the Highlights of Your New Viking Limited Lifetime Warranty:

  • Quality Control Documentation Packet kept on file forever!
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Surface Warranty

As the largest manufacturer of fiberglass composite swimming pools in North America, Viking has produced more colored fiberglass composite pools than all other US manufacturers combined. You can enjoy peace of mind in your backyard knowing that your product is backed by the industry leading limited lifetime structure and surface warranty.

Note: Our warranty has changed over the years. Your warranty is indicative of the warranty you were originally given at the time of your pool purchase.

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